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Mans Best Friend Movie Max. A great movie, mans best friend is about max a genetically modified dog who just wants a little love and a reporter who wants to make a name for herself. Jarret (lance henriksen) genetically engineers a security system, which he calls max, by taking a tibetan mastiff dog and genetically splicing in the genes of other animals to give it their traits.

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A reporter called laurie (ally sheedy) and her assistant are called up by a scientist at emax (a company doing experiments on endangered species) who will let them in to witness the experiments. Be the first to add to favorites. He was voiced by frank welker.

Television reporter lori tanner (ally sheedy) has just broken into a research facility and inadvertently lets loose a big, genetically altered dog named max created by a mad scientist, dr.

While shooting a animal cruelty spot she runs into max a dog who's the company's biggest experiment , while running from security the reporter takes max thinking she's doing the right thing. Jarret (lance henriksen).though docile around lori, the dog is in danger of going through a psychotic break. A family takes it in unaware of its deadly instincts which soon emerge. Man's best friend is a worthy addition to the nature gone wild genre and it delivers plenty of amusing thrills and is able to overcome its flaws by being a mindless horror yarn, which it does very.

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Max is well behaved around lori (at first) and even makes friends with the neighbor boy rudy (j.d. It was released by new line cinema on november 19, 1993.