Mobile Recycling Equipment: 5 Types of Mobile Shredders by Doppstadt

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When you need to hire or purchase mobile recycling equipment ( – here is where to hire), probably you will require a machine that can shred materials efficiently. It should have integrated system mechanism that feeds loads automatically, fuel efficient, and reliable output production. If you are looking for a mobile shredder, the following five types by Doppstadt can do the trick.

DW 2060

This model solves the shredding challenges due to a shredding comb with hydraulic control and the single shaft system. It can be adjusted to various shredding jobs, while the tools are quickly and easily replaceable. DW 2060 utilizes planetary gear for efficient transmission of mechanisms, making it quite mobile and flexible. It has a hook lift frame that can sustain heavy loads, and a reversing fan. Motor is Mercedes diesel powered and hydraulic cooling system, and heavy duty shredding comb. Shaft and comb have quickly replaceable teeth.

DW 2560gal_intro_1

DW 2560 has a hydraulic control on the shredding comb, making it a reliable mobile shredding machine. Similar to DW 2060, the machine is capable of performing tasks due to single shaft system feature and fast replaceable tools and can be accustomed to suit different shredding jobs. Due to its mobility feature, it offers flexible and quick usability to users. The diesel powered Mercedes-Benz motor is very fuel efficient and quiet during application. The machine is strong and durable because it has trailer chassis positioned centrally running throughout the horizontal axis. It features hydraulic cooling principle, a reversing fan, and heavy duty shredding comb.

DW 3060 SA

DW 3060 SA makes shredding jobs easy with the hydraulically controlled comb plus the single shaft principle. It is easy and fast to attach tools to this model, and can be accustomed to different shredding applications. Transmission is mechanically powered, which uses planetary gear for direct driving. Since is quite mobile, users can operate it more efficiently. The Mercedes-Benz motor has an inbuilt silencer, and it consumes relatively less fuel for efficient purposes. It is mounted on a centrally running trailer chassis, and also features hydraulic cooling system and fluid combination power transmitter. The shredding comb is a heavy duty system that is held in position by hydraulic rams.

DW 3060 K

DW 3060 K has a hydraulic controlled comb, and it is a BioPower model shredder with a powerful engine and drive unit that offers elevated output capacity. The shredding roller has 42 teeth, and the machine is auto-propelled about a tracked chassis for easy mobility during application. It uses diesel powered Mercedes motor, with hydraulic cooling system and fluid combination power transfer. Like all other models, it has a reversing fan and a heavy duty shredding comb. However, overband magnet can be used because the rear conveyor has antimagnetic part at the centre.

DW 3080 K

DW 3080 K makes shredding job easy and efficient due to the hydraulic controlled comb and the single shaft principle. Tools are easily replaceable, and the machine can be adjusted to various shredding jobs. It utilizes bevel spur gear and direct drive for mechanical power transmission. Apart from efficient fuel consumption feature, the Mercedes-Benz diesel powered motor has a silencer that offers quieter operations during application.

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