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Currently there has been an increasing trend of people buying most of their item online like clothes, cars, equipments etc but when it comes to buy electrical equipment they tend to suspect the quality of the products. There are many sites where people can buy the much needed electrical equipments and that too of high quality.

Here I will provide some information regarding these various electrical wholesalers who sell their products online.

TN Robinson LTD  – UK’S number one electrical wholesaler online. With over 25,000 individual stock lines ranging from transformers to electrical sockets from trusted plenty companies. They also offer free next day delivery. Here is their Saltney page.

QVS ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES– QVS is one of the most trusted online wholesalers in UK and have a large inventory ranging from electric cables, lightning to security system and alarms and much more. Established over 20 years QVS has a large experience dealing with the electrical supplies. whether public or traders; anyone can purchase from them in wholesale and they will automatically get a discount on large orders.QVS Electrical has over 14 branches with trade counters across south –east in UK and free next day delivery is provided to all the orders over the amount of 45 EURO and orders up to 6pm.

CDR ELECTRICAL WHOLESALERS– CDR electrical are independently owned wholesalers who won the ‘BEST ELECTRICAL WHOLESALERS 10 AND UNDER BRANCHES’ in 2014.They have products for both DIY buffs and industry professional. all their 3 branches also even provide expert advice about the latest fitting. With their large fleet of vans they can deliver right at your doorstep and even can deliver on the same day for urgent orders. They have their online store named UK Electrical supplies (mentioned above) and Love4Lightning.

EDWARDES BROS ELECTRICAL WHOLESALERS– Edwardes bros are electrical wholesalers established in 1890.they are an independent family company with 3 branches having a stock of over 16,000 items. They have their branches in 1. Penge, London 2. Dartford, Kent 3.Maidstone,Kent.their Penge branch as a storage area of 12,000 sq.ft. And both Dartford and Maidstone in Kent have a combined storage area of 14,000 sq.ft and are backed by a fleet of 12 delivery vans each which serve throughout the South-East of England. They purchase over 650,000,000 EURO worth or electrical products which in turn are passed down to the customer at a discount price.

YESS ELECTRICAL WHOLESALERS- YESSS is a privately owned company by the same family over 37 years and has a massive number of branches throughout the Europe. they have over 700,000 products variety and over 10,000 available for both same or next day delivery. At YESSS ; their highly trained and enthusiastic employees provides the quality help need by a customer with solutions required for their problem.YESSS also has an innovative GO GREEN program where over 1000’s energy saving solutions are provided by the expert o the customer that will fit the budget and reduce your carbon footprint.

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